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To become the professional platform of choice of real estate professionals who strive to be industry leaders and who constantly strive to provide greater client satisfaction.


  • We believe in caring for our clients, our business partners and our communities;

  • We believe that we do not just want to do it better, we do it different.

  • We believe that integrity is who you are and what you do; not what you say.

  • We believe that our partner agents and clients are the business; so everything we do is aimed at supporting them and together we focus on our clients.

  • We believe in living a culture of caring, commitment, constant learning and being people of value.

  • Although the "Bold Realty" brand is important to the business, the most important brand is the personal brand of every partner agent.


At Bold Realty, every Bold Realty partnered Agent, is an independent contractor, who can, within their relationship with Bold Realty, customise their business around their personality and their own personal brand.


Bold Realty was founded by Clinton Begley, who holds the professional designations CEA, PPRE and MPRE, along with holding a B.Proc degree through NMMU and is completing an MBA through the NMMU Business School. This background, along with over 10 years of practice as legal practitioner (now on the law society roll of non-practising Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers) and principal estate agent; ideally positioned him for his role in the business.

A key differentiator between Bold Realty and other real estate companies is that business partners actually have a real say in how the business is managed and how the company is strategically positioned. Business Partners actively help make decisions and are encouraged to take up director positions in Bold Realty.

This company is truly an innovative future orientated real estate brand, which will not only benefit its clients, its Business Partners, but also others not directly affected by its business activities.


Unlike many real estate companies, we have open panels for conveyancers, bond originators and other key service providers; however their performance is monitored based on client satisfaction surveys. This allows us to ensure ethical compliance while encouraging performance focused culture.